Since August 5th, 2013, I have been making an original piece of postcard-sized collage artwork each day and mailing it out to random individuals. I find the addresses listed on Google Maps. I intended on producing one piece each day for one year, completing the project on August 5th, 2014. Confounding factors resulted in missing that deadline, but I continue to make cards and will finish the project at number 365.

I started doing this for two reasons. The first was to provide an opportunity to continuously make collages, without repeating myself. The second reason was that I was excited to get my artwork out to a very different, far more diverse audience. The people who come to see my stuff at galleries tend to be part of a fairly insular New England art community, and this was a chance to get these various ideas and images out into some fresh minds.

I anticipated far more responses than I have thus far received, although those that did write back to me were generally pleased with their postcard. However '‘Another Disaster’' resulted in my being investigated by the FBI. I briefly considered stopping the project, only to become even more determined to see it through.

Pictured is a random sampling of the postcards that I’ve sent.